Sunday, May 1, 2011

I HEART my Diani Mini!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the hubby and I started a film photography class and we're really enjoying ourselves. Before last week's class started, one of the girls pulled out something that caught my eye- it was a little black box- no wait, after a double take I realized it was a tiny camera! And not just any camera, but a mini lomo. I didn't know what it did or how awesome it was, but I felt like I just had to have one too.

The student told me how she just received it as a gift and hadn't developed any rolls of film yet. I did a little research right then and there, and from what information I could gather on my iphone, it seemed to take very fun and creative photos. I told her I was going to get one too, and we made plans to bring our first photos from the camera to class the following week. I was excited to have made a photo-sharing buddy.

The very next day I went over to my local Samy's Camera store in Pasadena and walked out with the little princess in my hands- I loaded a roll of film and got to shooting right away. I love how small she is and how easily she fits into my purse- this baby is going to go with me everywhere!

See how tiny she is?!

The simple structure

What's funny is that with the Diana Mini, I am doing the opposite of what I am taught in class, which is to think about every photo I shoot- composure, lighting, shutter speed, aperture, rule of thirds, etc. With lomo cameras, the motto is to follow no rules. It is encouraged to "just click and don't think," to shoot from the hip, and to take a photo without really knowing what you are capturing on film- basically to stop being so serious and to start having fun!

Here are some photos from my first thing I realized is that this camera needs a lot of light!

Taken by the dear husband
Pretty scenery of Longshadow Ranch
All smiles at Nancy and Jeff's wedding rehearsal
The lovely bride rode in this on her wedding day!
So happy the day before her big day!
Check out this awesome blog for more Diana Mini want one too, don't you? You can get your very own mini awesomeness here, here, or here.

Do you own a Diana Mini or any other Lomography camera? If so, let's see your photos!!


Ann said...

Love the last pic you posted...totally looks retro and perfectly sun-kissed like something you'd be showing your kids in a photo album years down the road:)

Marshmallow Dreams said...

Thanks Ann! The camera is designed to have light leaks to give the perfect sun-kissed photo- I love it!