Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring is Born :)

I love days like today- when the weather is perfect and you just want to get outside and enjoy the bright sunshining Spring day. What a perfect day to throw on a bright and colorful outfit to put you in a cheery mood and make you feel like prancing around (well, at least that's what this outfit makes me feel like doing hehe).

I'm so glad that the fashion trend this spring is all about mixing patterns and color, and not to make everything so matchy-matchy- it's so much more fun to style this way!

You can still get this top here and these shoe here
It wasn't until I was out my front door that I realized, except for my sunglasses (by Modern Amusement), that my entire outfit is from Anthropologie- even the bracelet, belt, and bag! I guess that shouldn't be so surprising since my wardrobe is slowly turning very anthropologie-ish :)

Looking for a bright and colorful outfit? Check out Anthropologie's Parading Hues Dress that I've been pinning over...but since I'm trying to be good, I'll just have to settle for the outfit that I put together :)

Parading Hues Dress by Maeve- click here

Have a bright and cheery weekend!!


Bonnie said...

matchy matchy!!! i use that term too... it must be thai!

Joyleen said...

I need to try not to be so matchy matchy...I don't really mix patterns and colors because I wear mostly black. Time to try something new!

Marshamallow Dreams said...

Bonnie- is "matchy" even a real word? come to think of it, I guess I haven't heard to many people use that word- it must be thai! ;)
Joy- yes, time to put a splash of color into your wardrobe! I think you'll be pretty in bright colors :) Especially for the spring and summer!

Valerie said...

Can't stand "matchy" "matchy"!!! Never have! First of all, can't stand black, though for some reason I've been wearing a lot of it, especially when I go out for evenings, looking very understated of course, but ALWAYS ALWAYS with some type of great accessory, clutch- the usual, (my fav) or a '70s' looking gold belt. For some reason have always loved the '70s' look. Second, I only own one, maybe two pairs of black shoes in my entire 'wardrobe' of shoes, and to be honest, they're quite ugly and used only for work. Third, neutral or tan colors have always been the 'black' for me!