Monday, October 3, 2011

A New Week and a New Journey

Wow, can you believe its October already? The holidays are just around the corner and I'm excited about it. The begining of this month also marks the begining of a new journey for me that I'm both excited and frightened of. It's exciting because the outcome can be something so wonderful and amazing. But the thought of failing scares me so much that I'm sometimes too scared to talk about it. Have you ever started on a path that is both exciting and terrifying? Did you share your thoughts and ideas with other loved ones or keep them to yourself?

Outfit Details:
Shoes- Modcloth
Tights- H&M
Necklace- Forever 21

The weather here in SoCal has been so weird. It's a little cold in the mornings but then the day gets way warmer and almost muggy. I usually start the mornings in tights but have to peel them off by the afternoon (but aren't these blue tights so awesome? They kind of remind me of smurfs!). Are you able to start wearing tights and little coats where you live? I'm ready to start layering already!


Sayaka said...

I love the tights and shoes!! My son is into surfs, so maybe I should get a pair too!? By the way good luck on your journey. I hope everything works out for you!!

Dee said...

really cute outfit :)) I love the blue dotted tights! :)

Dana said...

I was shocked this morning to find that I needed one of my warmest coats just to make it out the door! Of course by mid afternoon I was down to a tee shirt and still warm, mother nature needs to make up her mind!

Jenn said...

I'm sure everything will turn out great for you. It's natural to be nervous about something that's important to you. I would encourage you to share your thoughts with loved ones, otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy!

I love the dress on you. It's reminiscent of the Noon & Night Dress. And those are so super cute shoes!

Anastasia said...

Tights are so far away for us here. I've started some scary paths. But I've never seen them as succeeding or failing, I've seen them as turns on one bigger adventure. And yes, I have to share my thoughts with SOMEONE. It makes everything feel more grounded. Good luck!!