Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favorites- Japanese Market!

My husband gets his hair cut at a salon in Little Toyko so whenever he goes, I tag along because I love going into the Japanese market. Here are a few of my favorite goodies.

My favorite section- the chocolates and cookies!
Yummy chips
Delicious bento boxes for a quick and yummy lunch and yummy rice balls for snacks
Fresh mochi- so good
Tad loves Japanese beer- his favorites are Yebisu and Orion
After Tad is finished with his hair cut, we usually eat at one of the many great little restaurants- they have everything from ramen and tonkatsu to shabu shabu and sushi.

Do you like going to ethnic markets? Come to think of it, I love going to markets in general!


odessa said...

i love japanese markets and japanese beer! who am i kidding...i love everything japanese! LOL. i lived in L.A. for 3 yrs but never been to Little Tokyo. i should check it out when i come down to visit. :)

Diana said...

There's a Korean market I love visiting. Little Tokyo is too far of a drive from where I live but I can live vicariously through this post :)

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

I also love the Japan Town in SF! It has the coolest Japanese bookstore and a taiyaki stand!! I've never been to a Korean market but I'm sure I would love it too :)