Monday, July 18, 2011

What a Girl Needs (vs. What a Girl Wants)

Whew! I had a crazy busy (but fun) weekend! On Friday, I went surfing in San Onofre and caught some really fun waves, then we flew out to Seattle for a wedding super early Saturday morning (gorgeous wedding by the way), then flew back home super early Sunday, and lastly, I had a photo shoot with Kristine Ko yesterday evening. Phew! I'm exhausted but happy! I didn't really have time to write any new posts but here's one I had saved up for a while now :)

I know I have more clothes in my closet than I need (what girl doesn't?) and my usual complaints of "I have nothing to wear" really means "I have nothing that I want to wear" but I'm starting to realize that there are a few holes in my wardrobe. Now, these aren't things that I can't live with. But they are things that would allow me to  expand my closet a little more...which will be cheaper than buying more clothes... so it's actually cost-saving. Right.


1. A red belt. I think this dress would look awesome with a red belt on. Actually, I don't think a girl can have too many different colored belts.
2. Black shoes- Surprisingly, I think I only have one pair of black heels. It's not like I don't like black shoes but I usually gravitate toward color. But there are times when you just need black shoes!
3. Flats- I have only 2 pair of flats and these are the ones I wear to work. On days off, I usually wear something with a little heel. Maybe it's cuz my husband is so much taller than me and makes me feel like a gnome. There's been a few occasions where I wore heels in inappropriate places. Like spending a day walking in SF. Crazy, I know.
4. A bandeau top- this is an item that will allow me to wear about 4 tops in my closet that I don't really wear because I don't have one. See? Totally needed so I wouldn't be wasting the money I spent on those tops.  If I don't get one, well, that would just be a waste of money.

Dress- from Lace Affair
Shoes- on sale at Aldo
Belt- Anthropologie
Bracelet- my mom's

I think those are all the items I need in my closet. Definitely not all the things that I want!
Are there some things you really just need in your closet to be able to expand your outfits? 


odessa said...

oh, i love these photos! the polka dot blouse is so lovely. i hear you on the need vs. want dilemma. i'm helping one of my best friends pack as she is moving to japan and it really made me realize that i should start re-assessing my closet and buy only things that will work with the rest of my wardrobe. ahhh...i know it will be a tough one.

vintageglammz said...

First, this outfit looks so fun and cute. I adore it! It would look great with a red belt too. A red belt is a must have, as are red shoes..I see you've already got those!
I think I need more colored cardigans . It would make my life easier, as then I can match my outfits a little quicker!

Laura (GeoInCalifornia) said...

I love anything Black, White and Red. Especially Polka Dots. This outfit is adorable with the White Belt. But you could kick it up with a Red.

I have one Red Anthro Belt (the Outlook Belt) it's wide, beaded and stretch with wood clasp. Its the first Anthro Belt I purchased. It goes with everything. When you find the perfect Red belt, buy two.

Black in anything falls at the bottom of my list of needs. You are a fellow Color-Phile.