Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oreo Magic

Omg have I got a cookie for you! My friend Christian showed me a photo of these cookies and I just had to make them. I found the original recipe on Jenny's blog, Picky Palate and all I gotta say is yummmmmm-O. I mean, chocolate chip cookies + oreos, who wouldn't like that? It's genius.

Do you love chocolate chip cookies? And oreos??? Then this cookie is perfect for you! Go ahead, unlock the magic. :)


kelli said...

oh HELLO! those look amazing. *DROOL*

Jia-Rui said...

Those cookies were so tasty. Bryan ate one of them with a latte for an "adult" snack. :)

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

Oh yes these cookies are yummy- I've been eating one for breakfast every morning! I wanna try dunking them in milk!