Thursday, June 9, 2011

Polaroid (Love)Notes

Guess what I just got? A Fujifilm Instax- and I love it!! Here are a few reasons why it's my favorite new toy:

1) Nostalgia- I remember my parents taking polaroid pictures and I would sit and watch the images appear, as if by magic.
2) Instant gratification (don't we all love that)?
3) It's a great conversation starter.
4) It's super cute and easy to use.

But the most favorite thing I love about this camera is that it's perfect for leaving cute notes around the house for my husband!

Don't have a polaroid camera? You can still leave cute polaroid notes around-  check these out at Urban Outfitters!

Wouldn't receiving a note on a polaroid just make you smile?


Allen said...

Sweet blog tammy! Jenn and I love the Fujfilm too. We brought it up on our road trip up north and took pics at all the awesome coffee shops we stopped at!

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

Thanks Allen! Isn't the camera a fun way to document trips? It'll be cool to fill out a little photo album with the polaroids :)

odessa said...

a have an instax and a real Polaroid too and love it! :)

kristin said...

Oh, I want one! So cool:)


i've been debating if i should buy one of those for years now. i guess i should take the plunge.