Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mompos Love (the dress, not the place)

Have you ever stalked an item, waiting for it to go on sale? I did- it was the Mompos dress by Tracy Reese at Anthropologie. This dress is gorgeous and from all the reviews and sales-people, it fits like a dream. I would touch the dress everytime I went into the store but wouldn't let myself try it on- I knew if I tried it on, it would be over and I would bring the dress home.

Well, I did this for two months and noticed that everytime I went into the store, there were less and less of the dress and even online, it was starting to sell out. So I panicked and did what any other girl would do- I tried on the dress. Since they only had a few left, they didn't have my normal size 2 so I tried on the 0. It fit but was just a tad small- I bought it anyways. My plan was to look for a size 2 but if I couldn't find it, I was gonna squeeze myself into the size 0. Yes, the dress is that gorgeous.

The saleslady did some calls for me and found a store that carried my size- all the way in El Segundo (over an hour drive in traffic)- they offered to ship it for free but I wanted to wear it that upcoming weekend so I made the drive. The size 2 fit to perfection and the dress made it home with me.

The dress is even more gorgeous in person- the lace overlay over denim-blue is so pretty. I think it'll pair well with so many colors- pale yellow, mint green, pink, etc. If you like this dress, grab it now while you can- I don't think this one will make it over to the sales rack!

I'm so glad it's almost Friday- I can't wait for the weekend to come :)


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

It truly is a stunning dress! It's funny when something seizes your imagination to the extent that you can't take a rational approach and will drive miles out of your way for it! That has definitely happened to me. : )

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

I know Emily! And this isn't the first time it's happened but at least I didn't give in to impulse buying, which happens more times than it should! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

BTW Emily, I checked out your blog- love it! And I just realized how much my outfit looks like Dorothy!!

vintageglammz said...

Found you via kims blog. Wow, I was blown away by this styling of the mompos, you look spectacular! Cute blog btw.

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

thanks Jen! I see you have the mompos dress too and it looks so great on you! isn't this dress fantastic?

Dee said...

What a cute combo :)) I love it! You look great. Thanks so much for the inspiration!