Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flea Market Fun

This weekend was pretty great. Tad and I got to spend a lot of time together which was nice because we had a super busy week. We attended our old neighbor's baby shower (so exciting!), went out for Korean BBQ with some friends, visited the flea market at the Pasadena City College (awesome), ate at Pie and Burger (we actually ordered burgers and pie!), watched Kung Fu Panda, baked cookies, and made flautas. It was a pretty perfect weekend :)

I found these awesome goodies at the flea market- how adorable is this little suitcase? And how cool is this chair?

This chair even opens up so you can store things in it- so functional :)
Dress- boutique; Shoes- Aldo; Cardigan- Anthro, Sunglasses- Modern Amusement

And no, I didn't match my outfit to the suitcase and chair- I was actually wearing this when I found the two items! Have you found any goodies at a flea market lately? 


Jessica said...

That chair is AMAZICAL!! Super cute dress too :)

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

I know Jessica! I can't believe I found something so cool the first time I've been to a flea market- I can't wait to go again!

odessa said...

oh my goodness, those are such great finds! i'm in love with that chair. and that pic of you sitting with the suitcase on your lap is too adorable. :)

kristin said...

Love your shoes! Great finds too.

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

Thanks Kristin! These shoes are gonna be a favorite of mine this summer :) Thanks for visiting my blog!