Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eek! gorgeous clothes on Ruche!

So just when I decided I need to be good and stop shopping so much, Ruche came out with their summer lookbook- I just love everything they sell! I mean, everything- so vintage, girly, and affordable. I'm going to stay strong though and try to be good...sigh.....

But for those of you that can and want to shop, take a look at their summer lookbook.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that will be perfect for this spring and summer:

If I were to buy something, it would be this one- click here

So so pretty in a gorgeous neutral color- click here

This would be pretty dressed up or down- click here

I can see this styled so many ways- click here
So girly and vintage- but sold out :(
I might just have to buy this one- click here

How gorgeous is this top? Click here

Just adorable- click here
I would use this..like everyday! Click here.

So so vintage- click here

I want! Click here

Is there anything you like? Comment on your favorite pieces...or are you gonna try to stay strong and cut down on shopping? If so, I'm sure this post didn't help- so very sorry.

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