Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tea Time Talks Polka Dot

(also comes in navy)
Okay so remember my last post where I said that I was trying to be good and cut back on shopping? Well, I wrote that post last week but this week I gave in! I just couldn't resist Ruche's tea time talks polka dot dress anymore- it's such a simple, pretty dress that can be dressed up or down, and styled in so many different it's worth the $59 right? Right!! And even better, I didn't even have to wait for shipping and picked up my dress directly from their office in Fullerton- score!

I wore this dress the first day I got it- I kept the styling minimal and what I love about this dress is that I still felt "dressed up" without being over-dressed....know what I mean?

I love this dress so much I wore it again 2 days later, this time adding a floral touch (btw, the dress is even cuter in person- there's adorable little white polka dots all over that the camera didn't pick up).

I searched my closet for other ways to style this dress and here are a few looks I came up with...

This look is dressy, especially with the gorgeous glitter shoes and clutch!

I'm planning on wearing this look to a garden bridal shower (gorgeous robin's-egg-blue shoes here).

 This simple look gets a pop of color with red shoes plus red lips and nails

Now that I've styled this dress in so many ways, I feel less guilty about spending the $59- come to think of it, I think it was a very good bang for my buck!

Can you see this dress on you? Do you have a dress that you love to style in different ways?

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