Monday, May 16, 2011

Embossing Fun

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved going to the craft store- I could spend hours wandering the aisles. I love DIY crafts, especially with paper products, and I never throw away the bits of scrap paper left over because they are just too cute to throw out! So over the years, I've collected a bin of leftover paper and I finally decided to do something with them-  so I got out my embossing tools to make some cute cards! It was really easy and simple, and each card only took a couple of minutes to make.
My bin of scrap paper

Items you need:
1) Stock/scrapbook paper
4) Stamps and stamp pad
5) Optional: ribbon/embellishments

You can find all these products at your local crafts store 

1) Ink your stamp and stamp the image on your paper
2) Pour some embossing powder onto the image while it is still wet
3) Tap the excess powder off (put it back into the bottle to use again)
4) Heat until the powder melts and becomes shiny (usually takes 10-15 seconds)

I made thank you cards, congratulation cards, I love you cards, thing of you cards, etc! I guess I won't be needing to buy cards for awhile. Do you like to do arts and crafts? If you do, you probably have lots of scrap paper saved up too. Well, now you can finally use them up!

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