Friday, March 23, 2012

Foto Friday- Disney Fun!

I love playing around with lomography cameras and my most recent purchase was the fish eye. I love it! I love how the photos come out and it's always a fun surprise to see what kind of images I captured. I also find it kinda fun to drop off my film and have to wait for it to get processed and developed. It's fun suspense!

Plus, it forces me to get my photos developed, which was actually my new years resolution. It's just so easy to take photos and keep them filed on your computer but I really want to take the time to print them out  and put them in an album. It makes it much more fun to look at and this way, we'll have something that we and our kids (and grandkids..and great-grandkids) can look back at.

These photos were taken at Disneyland and came off my first roll of film with this camera. I can't wait to start taking some more!

This last photo is my favorite- it's tradition that we get ice cream here at the end of our Disneyland day! I also love how you can see Tad's reflection of him taking the photo
Do you print out your photos and put them in albums?

Happy Friday! xoxo,Tammy

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DiamondsandTulle said...

My fave is the last photo too! Super cute and fun! I didn't know they all come out with the lens edges showing? I bought my sis a fisheye lomo a few years ago, but it is hard to get the film and develop now don't you think? Target and CVS stopped developing film in-stores...

xx Vivian @