Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cupcake Break

Yesterday I had a major cupcake craving. 

So much that I made Tad stop at Dots on the way home. I wanted to eat a cupcake so bad that the mini ones just wouldn't cut it. Tad asked if I wanted to share one. Ha! I got my own :) 

I didn't care that we were eating dinner in 2 hours. 

Sometimes you just gotta give in to your cravings, right? 

Have a happy Wednesday! xoxo, Tammy


Jia-Rui said...

The cupcakes look extra big in your picture, but are they actual GIANT cupcakes? BTW, Dots is one of our favorites, too. Have you had the fleur de sel cupcakes there? So yummy!

Sayaka said...

Those cupcakes look so delish!! Now I'm craving one :)