Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Summer's Back

Just when it finally started to feel like fall, the weather warmed up and today it's suppose to be 96 degrees! It's like summer came back, so weird. Last week I was wearing tights and a light coat and today I'm wearing a thin summer dress. I can't complain though because the hot sunshine does feel awfully good.

Outfit Details:
Dress- Kinder Aggugini from Macy's
Shoes- Kensie Girl
Necklace- Forever 21

It's a good thing I keep all of my wardrobe in my closet year around. I'm too lazy to pack up my spring/summer clothes to make room for my fall/winter clothes. It's probably because I live in Southern California so we don't get too much of that extreme weather. Did you already switch your wardrobe to colder temperatures only to have to go digging for your summer clothes?


laura said...

That is a gorgeous dress! The print and color are so pretty especially paired with those shoes!

It's been unseasonably warm here in IL too, so yes, I have been digging for my short skirts and dresses!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Jenn said...

I think the weather should flip flop more often. Have some colder weeks, mixed in with some warmer ones, that way we never get bored. When I was younger I had 'winter clothes' and 'summer clothes' and had to swap them out. But now I live like you, with all my clothes being all-season.

Shirley said...

Love the dress. The red shoes.....super cute! I love red. It was definitely out of the season today. I thought it was August 12 :-)