Tuesday, October 18, 2011


For someone who hates clutter, I actually have a lot of little collections. These include vintage mugs, mason jars, and my favorite thing to collect- cameras. I'm always on the lookout for cute box cameras and I've actually scored a couple vintage ones from flea markets. I also love collecting LOMO cameras. They are just so much fun!

What do you like to collect? I'm pretty much a sucker for anything vintage. Oh, and I love dogs- I have 3 but I wish I could "collect" more!


laura said...

I wish I knew how to take great photos-- that would justify me buying cute cameras! I have a Hello Kitty lomo, but since I don't know how to use it, it just sits there, gathering dust.

I wish I could "collect" kittens too! but I already have 3 :(
♥ laura
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just tututiny said...

These photos are beautiful. Love the red skirt and the background is amazing. Does shoes and bag count as a collection ;) My hubby things they are...Thanks for sharing these photos with us.


Anastasia said...

Aw you two are really cute c: I collect too much (fans, funny underwear, hats, costumes, bunny mugs- I have no willpower).

Amber Blue Bird said...

cute blog you have here! i only have one lomo camera and if getting film developed wasn't so crazy expensive i would gladly purchase more.l btw, when the zombies eventually takeover I'm heading out your part of town :)

Mama Wolf said...

Have you gotten any film developed from these cameras? I wanna see! :]

As for me, I collect vintage cameras, old sewing patterns, vintage canisters and buttons! haha. I'm a weird-oooo

Xoxo mama wolf.

odessa said...

how cute are you guys! i love that stripe lomo that you have. ah..if only film wasn't so crazy expensive i'd be taking photos with my diana and holga everywhere.