Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday! It's a happy Monday for me because I'm actually off today. Don't be jealous though, because I had to work all weekend. Boo. Tad and I still managed to have a little fun over the weekend- we watched Real Steel (Tad made me but I ended up really liking it!), went out for sushi (twice!), and ate gelato and macarons. Not too bad for a weekend filled with work. The weather also started to cool down, which is nice.

Outfit Details:
Dress- Anthropologie
Sweater- Urban Outfitters
Tights, Purse, and Earrings- Anthropologie
Shoes- Seychelles

Did you have a good weekend? Was it filled with work? Or fun? Or maybe a little bit of both?

Today I'm off to see my oldest, bestest friend Sharon for lunch, then meeting up with another friend for dinner. ... and maybe a little bit of shopping in between. Fun times!


laura said...

Sounds like you had a fab weekend, even with work sprinkled into the mix. I was home sick :(

Love this outfit of yours! Your specs are fantastically-shaped! And those shoes are adorable! I love the color!

♥ laura
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Dana said...

My weekend should have been full of work, since I have so much to catch up on, but ended up being devoted to some much needed fun instead! I'm glad you managed to have fun during your work-filled weekend! Hopefully next week you will have more free time!

Jenn said...

I totally relaxed all weekend. But only after marking 150 tests and analyzing the data. Then I remembered napping a lot, LOL! Oh, man! I need to get some sushi soon, now that you mentioned it. I love the subdued palette. It's very sophisticated. And those mint shoes!! Love them!

soanthro said...

Ah I've been lusting after those shoes!! Do you love them? I keep starting to type in my credit card number and then talk myself out of it but they are just so cute!