Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anniversary Photo Shoot Part 1

Today I thought I'd share our anniversary photo shoot with you guys! We chose to do it in Downtown Pasadena because Pasadena is our first hometown city and we've really explored it together. These were shot by our good friends Amy and Maurice of Betwixt Photography- we heart them so much! Not only are they talented but they are just great people- people you would LOVE to have as your friends.

I made the tie and matching skirt from a super cute fabric that Tad says remind him of ice cream. Well, I am an ice cream freak so maybe that's why I was drawn to it!

In case you're wondering, my little pin says "I'd rather be smooching my nerdy husband" and his says "I'd rather be smooching my crafty wife. We're also using the mustach/lips props we had for our photobooth at our wedding :)

These are our adorable birdie cake toppers that resembled our wedding day outfits- they currently live on our living room shelf. 

 Outfit Details:
Me: Top-Ruche, Belt- Anthro, Shoes-Seychelles, Skirt- Kwik Sew 3794, Earrings- Anthro
Tad: Shirt- Kenneth Cole, Tie- Kwik Sew 3183, Shoes- Converses

I hope you enjoyed these photos! I'll post part 2 tomorrow :) Have a great Thursday!


soanthro said...

Soo adorable, I love these!! Beautiful photos and beautiful outfit :)

laura said...

Hi Tammy! I found your blog through Anastasia's, and I loves it! I'm your newest follower!

I love these pictures. You both look adorable and sweet together! And the shoes-- your heels are to die for!
♥ laura

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Jenn said...

You guys look so cute!! And how adorable is it that you match each other. I love the pictures. BTW, I don't know if you did this on purpose but the windows in the first picture matches your outfit.

Dana said...

You guys are so adorable and your pictures are so unique and cute! I love that you made your skirt and his tie, and that you match, what a special touch!

kristin said...

Beautiful photos! Your outfit is adorable and I LOVE the skirt/tie.

Sayaka said...

These photo's are adorable!! Love it!! Congratulations on your anniversary!! I love Pasadena too...such a cute town.