Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Paper Year


Tad and I decided to give each other traditional wedding anniversary gifts, the first year being paper. (I wonder where these traditions came from). I wanted to get creative with Tad's gifts and made him coupons for a year. I made 52 of them so he can pick one every week. These aren't skimpy coupons either! They have things like "Good for a one hour massage", "A round of golf on me", "I'll take your car the carwash", and even a "Good for one argument win of your choice". Uh-oh, I think I set myself up for a lot of work this year!

I also had the lyrics of our first dance song, Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen, printed out and framed.  I even wrote Tad tiny love letters and gave him mini packages with this little kit. I couldn't help it, it is so gosh darn cute! I placed it in the mailbox and told Tad that he had mail. On a Sunday. He was a little confused but laughed when he saw what it was.

For my gift, Tad gave me an awesome Harry Potter book set- I love it! It came it a cool little box too.


If you are married, do you give traditional anniversary gifts? I'm excited for year 2- cotton! Maybe a new cute little dress? I also sewed Tad a cotton tie for part of his gift this year and thought, oops, maybe I should have saved it for next year. Oh well, I have almost a whole year to think about a "cotton" gift!


Anonymous said...

tammy!! the little paper mailing kit is TOO cute! i am totally going to get that :) - kathy

Dana said...

These are such beautiful ideas, I love that you are following the tradition and getting creative with it!I really love the jar of coupons, both the idea and the execution of it, so pretty!

chillynd said...

tam - so cute! the coupon jar was adorable. this year, for our fifth year - traditional gift is wood... so naturally we bought each other trees for the piece of land we just bought. HA. can't get more "woody" than that, right? love the blog as always! xoxo

kelli said...

happy anniversary! such cute gifts!