Friday, September 16, 2011

Fair in White

Last Sunday Tad and I went to the Los Angeles Fair and had a great time. I decided to wear a white dress (I never thought much about no wearing white after Labor Day) that I got from Ebay to keep cool. It kept me a little too cool because when we got to the fair, it started to rain! Out of nowhere people! So what did we do? Well, we ducked under a big umbrella to get our caricatures drwan! Luckily the rain stopped after about 15 minutes and then the sun came out. All was fun and bright again!

Here's what I wore (photos from the fair to come in a later post!)

Outfit Details:
Dress- eBay
Shoes- Nordstrom
Purse- Target
Necklace- Forever 21
Bracelets- Tiffany

Tad and I sorta collect caricature drawings. We have about 6 of them from various places (even one from Tokyo). Usually the cartoon resembles Tad more than me. I tease him and say it's because his face looks like a cartoon :) Do you like having a caricature drawing of yourself done?

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