Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh Sugar! (Oh, Honey Honey)

This Sugared Dress has been hanging in my closet for some time now because I was saving it for just the right occasion. Well, that occasion never came and I got impatient- so I wore this beauty to work, then out to happy hour with my co-workers. It's just too pretty to sit in the closet, unworn and all sad.

This initial necklace is one of my favorites- I wear it weekly and loved it so much that I got one in a different color for each of my good friends for Christmas a couple years ago. 

Outfit Detail:
Dress- Sugared Dress from Anthropologie
Shoes- Aldo (on sale)
Bag- Anthropologie
Necklace- RitzyMisfit shop on Etsy
Bracelet- Vintage from my mom

Thank you to my dear husband for taking these photos- it was after he got back from a long day of work and I pounced on him right as he walked through the door. I think my actual words were- "hi babe, will you take my pictures? Now? Before the sun goes down? Oh, was your day?"


Jenn said...

I pounce on my husband like that all the time when he comes home from work, usually its just errands but sometimes its a fro-yo run. You do have one of the best arsenal of dresses!! Oh, if only I could raid your closet ... :D

Food Coma said...

such a cute dress, and shoes, and everything really. love your style.

vintageglammz said...'re funny! it's sweet of your hubby to take pictures after a day of work :-)
Gosh, Tammy you look amazing in this dress! I too want to raid your dress collection

M.R. said...



DiamondsandTulle said...

That dress IS so darling! I know what you mean though, I love to save my items for special or certain occasions and then realize I've had things in my closet for over a year that has yet to be worn. and i have a ritzy misfit initial necklace too. Makes me think I have to find it in the box of jewelry I've yet to unpack from our move.... Have a great weekend!

xx Vivian @

Sammie said...

I love this dress on you! I had bought it but returned it because the 0 was just too large in the neckline for me.

Laura (GeoInCalifornia) said...

I admire you for waiting so long. The way you pulled you hair back adds a touch of modern girl to the Classic Vintage styling of the Sugared. Love that you went with the Red Shoes and Bangle. A perfect styling for work.

odessa said...

i've had my eye on this dress too. but i've yet to try it on. it looks so beautiful on you!