Thursday, July 21, 2011

VIntage Blues

You probably remember this dress from yesterday's post but that's because I've been wearing it all week! I picked this up at the Pasadena Flea Market a few weeks ago and after taking it in a little at the top, it fit me perfectly! I didn't even have to shorten it (most dresses are a tad long on me- I'm barely 5'2). It's super comfortable and is made of quality fabric- it even has raised designs. These are photos were taken while Tad and I were in Seattle last weekend.

necklace- forever 21
Do you have any great vintage dresses? I think this dress might be my favorite find!


vintageglammz said...

It's funny, because my blog title suggests that i have a lot of 'vintage' items, but in fact i do not own any vintage things.
I love the detail on your dress and i want your owl necklace !

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

thanks jen- check forever 21! I just got it a couple weeks ago :)

Emma Robertson said...

I adore this dress, the color is amazing!


Jo said...

Your dress is such a dream! I simply adore the print, and the owl necklace is the perfect finishing touch!

Lost in the Haze

odessa said...

this dress is so beautiful! especially the raised designs. i just found a vintage dress too but i didn't buy it (yet), its kinda expensive and fits just right...meaning, i can't eat a lot or i won't be able to close it. haha. i might go back for it though because i'm still thinking about it and maybe just have it altered at the waist.