Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Places I Love- 'Lette Macarons


Since we've moved to Pasadena, this city has really grown on me. We're lucky to live within a few minutes drive from Old Town Pasadena and we love going there for good eats, fun shopping, and awesome people watching. Yes I people watch.

Well yesterday I noticed a new shop open up in what use to be a cookie store. I did a double take because the shop I walked by was so cute and colorful. I nearly jumped for joy when I realized what they were selling- Macarons! In fact, I think I even let out an audible squeal. I have been waiting for a macaron shop to open up around me and now my dreams have come true. Yes, this is the kind of thing I dream about. On a daily basis. Now if only a shaved ice place would open up by me....


They had all sorts of yummy flavors and I bought a cute little box of 6- I then went home to show my husband the goodies before I ate one. Then I ate another one. Then another one. I ate 3 macarons before my husband could even eat one. I'm that quick. They were so delicious and exploded with flavor. Yum!
How cute is their sign?

I'll definitely be a regular at 'Lette Macarons. I'm hoping to one day learn how to make these little cuties- I even went so far as to buy a book on making them. But they seem a little complicated so for now, I guess I'll stick with buying them!

Do you love macarons? Do you know how to make them?


kelli said...

yum! great photos!

vintageglammz said...

I tried makingmacarons last night. But they didn't quite turn out as beautiful as these lette ones! They look amazing and delish!

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

They are delish! I just ate another one right now- still fresh!