Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lost in a Book

This past week I've had my head buried in a book- or should I say my kindle. Over the past weekend, I started reading the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy- and it's good! I finished it in one day and just started the second book, Catching Fire. I really love getting lost in a good book, and I espcially love a good series.

Top- Urban Outfitters; Skirt- Leifsdottier from Anthro; Shoes- Seychelles

While I love love love my kindle, I also still love reading actual books, especially when they are so pretty! Like these Puffins Book...or these Penguin Classics. I also love the smell of book pages...yea, I know, I'm a nerd.

I have a feeling that as everything goes electronic, books will one day be "vintage". Kinda like how records are today. Do you love getting lost in a book? If so, you should read the Hunger Games! It's a pretty easy read and I just love the main character.



i loved that leifsdottir skirt and those heels! why did i return that skirt?? argh.

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

I found that skirt on the sale rack! It was the only one and happened to be in my size- must be meant to be :)

odessa said...

i'm in love with those Penguin Classics hardbound too! i think i have 5 of them and hoping to add more to my collection.

that skirt looks really good on you. i tried it on before and it just didn't fit me well.

kelli said...

beautiful photos! i'm in the midst of the anne of green gables series. i actually had to slow down because i don't want the series to end!=)