Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pasadena "Vintage" Taco Station

I had a relaxing random weekday off- I slept in until 10am, did some laundry, and went on an afternoon run with the hubby. For dinner, we decided to finally try Norma's Tacos on Green Street. We've been meaning to try this place ever since it first opened in April 2010 and just never got around to it.

This isn't your average taco shop/stand- it's run in Pasadena's historic gas station, which was built in 1924. As I sat next to the vintage gas pump (it read 31cents a gallon!) and sipped my old-fashioned glass coke bottle, I certainly felt like I was transported into a different time era.

The owner, Norma, and her husband run the place and they were very attentive and friendly. We ordered chicken soft tacos, carne asada soft tacos, crispy tacos, and a chicken quesadilla. Our food came out super quick and everything was very yummy. I love the tortillas, which is freshly handmade.

Definitely a little gem in Pasadena and a great hang out spot- my husband and I will be coming back soon! (and for dessert, we walked down the street for some yummy yogurt at Cherry On Top).

So the next time you are in Pasadena, give this place on 1265 E. Green Street a try- you'll love it!
Want to know more about this cute, vintage, and yummy taco station? Read some articles here or here.

Do you have a little "gem" in your city that you like to eat at?


odessa said...

thanks for the tip! i'll be sure to check it out when i'm down in SoCal. also, i love how you're drinking coke from a bottle. i miss doing that.

Marshmallow Dreams said...

Odessa, don't you just love glass coke bottles? I usually drink diet coke but this time I got the regular coke just because it was in a glass bottle =P