Monday, May 23, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Disneyland is one of my faaaavorite places. My husband and I both own season passes and we can't go more than a couple months without a visit to D-land. I've loved Disneyland as a kid (what kid doesn't?) and I guess I never grew out of my childhood fascination with this place. Tad and I even have a strategy of getting on the most rides in the shortest amount of time (it involves fast passes and running).

Me and Tad on the spinning tea cups
(taken by photographer Brian Boing)

Here are a few of my favorite memories of the happiest place on Earth:

1) It was the first place where us kids got to roam around free of our parents. Our parents would set us free (but we had to stick together of course) and we only had to meet up for lunch, dinner, and for the end of day show, whether that be the electric parade, Fanstasmic, or fireworks. The best part was, they would save front row spots for us so we could enjoy the rides until the last minute, and then still have a great view of the show.

2) The first time I felt like a real "big kid" was at D-land. It was when I was finally tall enough to ride space mountain. You see, I was the youngest of all my brothers and cousins so when I was finally able to get on the ride, I finally felt like one of the older kids.

3) Tad and I ran our first half-marathon at Disneyland together (it was also the first time Tad ran a half-marathon) and that leads me to #4

4) It was where Tad proposed to me- he did it at the finish line of the half-marathon...when I was my most sweaty and ugliest self. It definitely caught me off guard but was super sweet- I'll remember it always :)

5)  Tad got stung in the neck by a bee for the first time while waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! Ok, maybe this isn't a highlight but it's still memorable and funny when we think about it. (Another memory but not a highlight that also occurred while waiting in line for the Pirates ride was when I threw up in a potted plant from food poisoning).

6) Tad and I had our engagement photo session at Disneyland- it was so fun! It was awesome to get photos of our favorite places throughout the park- check out the photos here and see if can recognize any favorite spots.

Our last visit to D-land was just last week- here are some photos of our favorite place that I shot with my Diana-Mini- a fun camera for a fun place!

And if you read my post from friday, this photo was taken at California Adventures :)

Do you have fond memories of Disneyland? Do you still love this place and much as I do?

Want to know more? Here are some fun facts about the Happiest Place on Earth!

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