Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hooray for Sunny Days!

Now that our Southern California weather is back be being sunny, I'm excited to pull out my summer outfits. I'm normally not a shorts kind of gal but these shorts from Ruche are just so darn adorable (and comfy too)! I love the scalloped edges and the soft material. I originally wanted them in the mint green (I'm a sucker for anything mint green- even ice cream) but they sold out almost immediately so I settled for the tan color, which is almost just as nice!

I decided to pair the shorts with a super girly top (also from Ruche) and I love the look so much that I wore the exact same outfit the following week, only changing up my shoes and accessories...

I love how my shoes added a bright pop of color (shoes by Seychelles)

I chose my adorable blue bag to be the pop of color (bag from an Anthro sale)

Tad bought me this cardigan from Anthro for my birthday 3 years ago and I still love it so much

Such cute little fishies swimming across my back!
I think this will be my favorite summer outfit yet! Do you have a favorite summer outfit you'll be wearing over and over again for the next upcoming months? Or are you still looking for that perfect something (I'm still looking for a perfect pair of cute clogs).


Meredith said...

i LOVE your shoes! and that fish sweater is sooo cute! :)

Marshmallow Dreams said...

Thanks Meredith! This fish sweater is a favorite piece of mine- I almost don't want to wear it as much because I'll be sad if it gets worn out...have you ever wished you had 2 of something just in case something happens to one of them? :)