Friday, May 6, 2011

Foto Friday

Ever since I started taking photography classes, I've been paying attention to things that I don't normally notice- like shadows. I think shadows make such interesting photos and they are so fun to capture!

Lacy Park, Pasadena
The Getty Center, Los Angeles
American at Brand, Glendale

The Getty Center, Los Angeles
Old Town, Pasadena
Santorini, Greece
Do you have any interesting photographs of shadows to share?


Nancy said...

Haha I luv shadow pictures but I'm horrible at taking them! In Italy I tried taking a 7 but only ended up with two good do I add a picture on here? Urs r much better though :)

Marshmallow Dreams said...

Keep practicing Nancy! Shadows are longest in early morning and before sunset...hmmm, not even sure you can post photos here...let me try to figure that out!