Monday, April 16, 2012

Cupcakes and Macarons

Holy Moly I just realized that today is my one year blog-aversary!! I remember thinking about this a few months ago and thinking that I should host a give-away...but then I wasn't quite sure how. I'm sure it's super simple, right? Hmmm...maybe sometime in the near future. Any tips or suggestions for hosting a give-away?

Anyways, I want to say thank you all for stopping by and reading my blog. It started off as a fun little hobby but has now become a regular part of my life- I love it! I get so happy when people pop over to see what I posted and it makes my day reading your comments. I love this little blogging community that I belong to, you're all such positive and wonderful people! And it's so cool that I don't even know most of you but I almost feel like I do... in a way- so awesome!

Also a litle thanks to my dear husband for being a good sport for having to take some of my blog photos- it somehow alway seems to be on the way to dinner, and when he's starving too!

Outfit Details:
Macaron Dress- Made by Me! (by Colette Patterns)
Shoes- Seychelles
Bag- Anthropologie
Cupcake Ring- bought from Greece 

Thanks again and I hope you keep on stopping by! Happy Monday! xoxo, Tammy


so anthro said...

Happy blogaversary!! I just LOVE that dress!

kristin said...

Congrats on one year!!!