Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dressing Like A Grown Up

Let's face it. I'm a kid at heart. And I like it! I love running around and being silly, and I usually can't get through a couple hours without giggling about something. It's a good thing my husband likes being silly with me too. In fact, he sometimes calls me his comedy wife, since I'm always making silly jokes and giggling about everything.

But this can backfire one me, as sometimes I don't feel like I'm being taken seriously. People are usually surprised to find out that I'm 30, not nineteen, and it doesn't help that I love dressing up in cutesy dresses instead of looking classy and sophisticated, and well, adult-like.

So when I have to do something"grown-up", or just want to be looked at as the adult that I am, I try to dress a little more, um, adult-like. Well, as adult-like as I can get I guess. One of my big kid wardrobe piece is this pencil skirt. Actually, it's my one and only pencil skirt but I do love it.

Outfit Details:
Top- Anthropologie (on sale here!)
Skirt- Floreat from Anthropologie
Shoes- Via Spiga from Nordstrom Rack
Purse- Mossimo from Target

I'm not use to this look but I kinda like it! I might just be on the lookout for more pencil skirts and pretty blouses. What do you like to put on to make you feel more grown up?


Amber Blue Bird said...

Me too! People always assume I am younger than 28 because of the way I dress. I love your adult outfit. Its still fun and cute without being uptight.

kelli said...

pretty! love that top!

Sayaka said...

I saw this outfit on EA and LOVED it!! The glasses look very cute on you too!!

Kathy said...

what a cute outfit! the glasses look really good on you, tammy!!