Thursday, February 23, 2012

Turning "Black" Dress

Eek! I love this dress. I think my favorite part is the little white collar. I don't own a lot of black dresses (maybe like 2) because I always gravitate towards color and fun prints. 

But after putting on this dress, it made me realize that maybe I do need more black clothes. This way, I can mix and match all my fun colored tights, shoes and accessories. 

Dress- from Clover Silverlake 
Cardigan- Modclotch
Shoes- by Report (on sale here!)

Maybe I should get me some black shoes too, while I'm at it. I just have a hard time choosing color over black! Do you have this problem? Or do you buy more black clothes and shoes and accessorize with color?


The Cookie Button said...

Such a pretty cardy! I have one very similar but in grey and purple :) x

Kavita said...

Love the Peter Pan collar on the dress! Hmm...I think I gravitate towards color nowadays, but I used to wear black a lot more.

Emma said...

You have such a Cute blog! I am your newest follower.

kelli said...

super cute!

Nettan said...

that dress is super cute x