Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play With Your Food!

So I just discovered the world of bento box lunches. I love it! The way Japanese moms pack their kiddos' lunches are adorable and it makes eating fun (a big help for those picky eaters!).  

I know, I know. I'm not a little kid but I'm a kid at heart ok? So I couldn't help myself from ordering a bunch of cute bento box supplies online. I may have even gone a little overboard. I tend to do that when I get excited about something new.

So here's my first attempt at packing a cute bento box for work today. Most of my items haven't arrived in the mail yet but I did receive my egg molds and of course, my panda bento box. 

By the way, my bento box is so cute but it's so tiny! I guess it's really meant for a 5 year old kid, huh?

I also picked up this awesome Yum-Yum Bento Box book and can't wait to read through it for all the ways to make cutesy food! The authors have a fun bento box blog too.

Check out Sherimiya's Happy Little Bento blog too! She has such great and easy ideas and I can't wait to try out more fun things!

Who ever said that you weren't suppose to play with your food?! 


kelli said...

sooo CUTE!

Sayaka said...

Wow!! This is like the lunch the Japanese kids bring to school. Your going to make an awesome mom one day!! I love the hardboiled egg!!

Katie said...

how fun!! those are great!