Friday, October 21, 2011

Horses and Surprises

I've always wanted a horse. When I was younger my parents use to tease me and tell me that when I turned 16 they would buy me a horse instead of a car. They are just such beautiful creatures and I use to wish I grew up in a farm or ranch just so I could have one. I even had a name picked out- Mochi. Well, my dream of owing a horse never came true but I still love them- and so I just couldn't resist this horse print dress from Ruche. Adorable!

Anyways, hooray for Friday! My Friday is turning out awesome- I had a Drs. appointment in the morning and when I came home, there was a package at the door addressed to my husband. I called him and he asked me to open it to make sure nothing was damaged. When I opened the box, I gasped in surprise! In it was a Nikon box- a D7000, a camera I have been wanting since last year. My husband is such a sweetheart!

Outfit Details:
Dress- Ruche
Sweater- Anthropologie
Bag and Tights- Target
Shoes- Report

I just love unexpected surprises! Well, I'm going to charge my new camera now and spend this weekend learning all about it. I hope you have an awesome Friday and weekend as well!


laura said...

ok, that dress is SUPER adorable! I can see why you couldn't resist! and hoooorah for a new cam!
Have a happy weekend!
♥ laura
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kristin said...

I love this color combo and your tattoo is adorable!

Enjoy your new camera:)

Laura said...

I love the Red bag with the Blue and Gold Dress. I wouldn't have thought to pair White Tights in this outfit. Very unexpected. The spaces in the knit of the Cardigan and Tights are similar in size to the horses. They combine very well.

I haven't caved to Ruche yet. Enjoy the new Camera. Take some cool photos of horses