Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seeing Double (Exposure)

Can you spot the yummy funnel cake floating around in this picture?

So I finally got around to developing my first roll of film that I took on my new Diana- a lot of shots came out too dark but there were some interesting double (and triple) exposures.

Sharon after some early morning surf 

I can't wait get started on a new roll of film! The fun part is waiting to get these developed to see what was captured- always a fun surprise!


kelli said...

wow, these are amazing!

Laura said...

I can see something in the first photo, but not the funnel cake. The Farris wheel and Palm Trees look so cool.

Is this a new add to your vintage Camera Collection? Can you control the double exposures? As I recall you picked up a camera or two on Modcloth.

I even find the hazy building photos fascinating. It's hard to separate the scenery out in my head on my iPhone.

Laura said...

Oops! Sorry about the typos. Another iPhone danger. Tiny keyboard! Big fingers!

odessa said...

LOVE the first two photos!!! the colors are perfect. i love double/multiple exposures, they make the photos look dreamy.

have a happy weekend, tammy! :)