Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Happy Awkward and Awesome Thursday! It's actually my Friday today and I'm really looking forward to this weekend- it's our one year wedding anniversary!!!! We have lots of fun things planned for this weekend- too many things actually. We didn't think we'd have time to do all the things we wanted to in one weekend so we decided to do some of the stuff on Labor Day- this included renting Segways in Santa Monica. It was awesome! We rode down south to Venice Beach, then back up towards Santa Monica, to Malibu, and back. We ended the day with a yummy dinner. Oh, and let's not forget the cream. It is a celebration after all.

- Learning how to ride a segway- I swear a snail could have passed me at first. It's a little awkward but you get the hang of it pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was zipping along.
- Uncapping my lip gloss. After it was in my car all day when it's been 100 degrees outside. Then not realizing that it dripped onto my shirt and left a huge red stain until after I came home. I hate that! Then you start thinking back to all the people you talked to that must have seen it and been too polite to say anything.
- Looking like dorks wearing these helmets while riding our segways- but hey, safety first right?
- Walking into the post office with the tape that I bought from there the last time I was there- then the clerk looked at me as I put it in my purse and said "you want to pay for that?" Ummm, no, I already did- see the stupid little stamp you already put on the tag? geez.
- Turning on my iPod for my dogs while they stayed inside when we're at work. I set it on shuffle and walked away...then walked back to it because I decided they'd rather hear my oldies playlist. As if my dog knows the difference. Ha.
- Being caught not listening to my co-worker as he was telling me a story. I laughed loudly when I shouldn't have. He immediately called me out on it by saying "you aren't even listening are you?" oops.
- Calling a DJ as a wedding coordinator for my clients, then having him give me advice on which coordinator I should call. Um, no. I am the coordinator.

- Learning how to sew a tie for part of Tad's anniversary gift- it turned out so cute, I want to make him a ton! Hopefully one day I can sew nice Italian silk ties.
- Getting a new camera from Tad- this awesome Diana lomo camera!
- Finding a Choco Taco in the freezer- when I thought we ate all of them already. What a yummy surprise,  especially when you are craving something sweet. I didn't tell the hubby, I just ate it quickly. I was selfish.
- Meeting our good friends (and old neighbors) for dinner and getting to meet their one month year old daughter, Stella, for the first time. She's super adorable!
- Getting this Dear Creatures dress as a gift- I've been lusting over this dress all summer and now it's finally mine!
- Getting 5 more members on my blog this week. I get so excited when I see someone new following me- it's awesome- makes me so so happy, thank you!!

I think that's about it-  more awkwards than awesomes this week but it's all good! Yay, Friday tomorrow!

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odessa said...

ah, i love Dear Creatures and that dress is so pretty! i've been stalking their website and waiting for one of their rompers to go on sale. haha.

i've never been on a segway before but it looks like a lot of fun, especially along the beach! :)