Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Colors

I'm a little sad that summer is coming to an end. Even though I no longer have summers off (I guess I'm an adult now boo) I still love everything about it- the hot sunshine, the cool yummy treats, the fun fairs and carnivals, the lovely beach days, etc. I especially love wearing summer clothes and I still have so many cute summer outfits to wear- I hope I can pack it all in!
I think what I love most is the summer vibe- I mean, you can just feel it in the air when you're out and about. I also love how summers are associated with bright and fun colors- kinda like this wall and dress.

I didn't realize my belt had shifted on my waist- must have been from all the tacos I ate before we took these photos.
I'm wearing one of my favorite necklaces- it was a gift from my best friend Sharon!
Outfit Details:
Dress- Modcloth
Bag- Anthropologie
Belt- thrifted
Necklace- Erinkeys Etsy Shop
Sunglasses- Target

Are you sad summer is coming to an end? Or is Fall or Winter our favorite season? I must admit that I am looking forward to wearing tights, coats, scarves and layers...


Laura (GeoInCalifornia) said...

I recognized your Modcloth Dress instantly. The color palette is calm and cool. A great choice for Summer's end.

You do find the most intriguing walls for background.

kate funk said...

Great dress!! I am sad to see the long beautiful days of summer go, BUT I am more excited for fall fashions!!
velvet cupcakes

Sammie said...

That necklace is adorable!

I am actually glad to see summer go! I love rain and what I love even more is the fall fashion. I cannot wait to bust out my tights and cute umbrellas! :)

kristin said...

I love fall/winter and am looking forward to the cooler seasons, although there are definitely some aspects of summer I like to savor.

Your necklace is beautiful!

Tammy said...

Seems like everyone is looking forward to fall!
Laura- I always plan our meals around the walls...I think Tad is starting to catch on!

Jenn said...

Fall and winter are definitely my favorite seasons. My husband and I have this debate all the time, I'd rather freeze to death than melt. Oh, I cant wait to boot up and layer the crap out of my outfits. And you're right about summer being all about fun. I'll definitely miss it and will be counting down the days until summer 2012 (yes, teachers do this, well at least it do, LOL). Love the necklace!!

vintageglammz said...

Spring and summer are my favourite seasons. I can't stand the cold. Plus, all those bulky layers...i don't know, I just don't like that feeling.
Love the dress on you - so playful and summery!

soanthro said...

That necklace is so lovely! Must check out their Etsy shop!