Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello lovelies!
I was so busy this past weekend but I had so much fun. I spent Friday night baking cupcakes, making sangria, and preparing for Tad's birthday fiesta. I had to work on Saturday but was off by 5pm so I could set-up in time for Tad's party. A bunch of our friends and family came over and we had some good food, drinks, laughs, and tons of fun. Good times! The party went well into the night and you know you threw a good party when the cops come to tell you that the neighbors are complaining. Ha. On Sunday, we went to Disneyland, got ice cream, and went out for dinner. It was a pretty great weekend.

I don't have photos of the party to share with you just yet so here are some photos of the dress I practically lived in this weekend- it's so light, airy, and comfortable, perfect for a hot and busy weekend.

Outfit Details:
Dress- Modcloth (who doesn't love tiny elephants?!)
Shoes- Anthropologie
Purse- Anthrologie
Bracelet and necklace- bday gifts from friends

Did you have a busy and fun weekend? Or was your weekend more quiet and relaxing? After this crazy busy weekend I'm looking forward to just relaxing and reading all next weekend (with a little bit of shopping mixed in of course!)


taimitogetdressed said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend! I love Sangria and Disneyland. Also, that dress is adorable. My weekend was pretty low key. It's too hot in Boston to run around right now!

odessa said...

i had a BUSY weekend too but it sounds like yours was even busier. happy birthday to Tad. :)

Monica and Whitney said...

Oh that tiny elephant dress is the cutest! And it looks great on you!

Ask the Duplex

vintageglammz said...

I had a rather quiet weekend, doing a bitof cleaning (yuck!) and reading. Was going to bake, but didn't have the time. Maybe this coming weekend!
You look all summery in these photos, I love that elephant print!

wafflegarden said...

i love the little elephants!
and ohmygoodness i would be scared if the cops came to my house

Jenn said...

i love the bag! must go to anthro soon to see if they have it. did it come in other colors?

Laura (GeoInCalifornia) said...

You do love Pachyderms don't you. This is the 2nd Elephant dress I counted in just a few posts.

BTW! I saw all your gorgeous photos with Kris. Beautiful Tammy. Your Anthro dress collection is TDF. Monochrome Shirtdress by CLC! Be still my aching heart. And the shoes! Girl! I could go to town in those.

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

Jenn- they had it in mustard yellow also but I got it on sale a few months ago so I don't think you would be able to find it- you can borrow anytime though!
Laura- I do love elephants! But I think it was more of a coincidence that I happen to get these 2 dresses around the same time. I do love anything animal print though!