Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime...and the living is easy

There's a lot of things that I love about summer. I love the hot, sunny weather, summer waves, eating ice cream and popsicles (wait, I love that all year long), wearing summer dresses...I could go on and on.

But what I love the most about summer are the long days- like when it's 8pm and there's still light outside. Yesterday Tad and I took advantage of the warm, summer evening and went out on a dinner date. I love it when we have date nights on a random weekday. It's fun.

I wore this cute summer dress from Modcloth- it's a favorite of mine because it's so easy to wear and super comfy. It's also very light and airy so it helps to keep me cool. Summer clothes are my favorite- so much that I tend to wear them all year long, just adding layers when it gets cold.
- dress- Modcloth; shoes- H&M; clutch- Anthropologie

Do you love summer as much as I do? What do you love the most?


kelli said...

oh, i love that outfit! my favorite yet, i think!

the thing i love most about summer is the plants and animals out and about.=)

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

thanks Kelli! my husband bought this dress for me as a gift and I love it :)

elycia said...

hi! you are so cute!! I saw your wedding photos! we were totally matchy-matchy! so fun! i loved my dress so much, you looked super lovely in it too :)

Hannah said...

Long days are my favourite too! I love your dress from Modcloth, so beautiful!

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

Thanks Elycia- we're wedding twins hehe.
Hannah- doesn't modcloth just have the cutest dresses? Thanks for stopping by!

odessa said...

i love the cut and the print of this dress. so summery! :)