Thursday, July 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Dress-Anthro; Cardigan- Anthro; Shoes- Seychelles; Clutch- Anthro; Necklace- J.Crew

Happy Thursday! This photo was taken by my dear husband a couple weekends ago when we were in Seattle for a wedding. I think this may be my new favorite dress- the cut is amazing, I love the color, and the print is awesome. I mean, they're mini elephants! 

I decided to play Sydney's Awkward and Awesome Thursdays again so here goes:

- Buying 8 boxes of choco tacos for Tad's birthday fiesta and having the grocery clerk look at me strangely. Obviously, they aren't all for me.
- My yucky red highlights that are fading. I'm thinking of dying my hair back to black so I don't have to keep maintaining it.
- Having my 2 year old niece tell me that the bottom of my foot is dirty- in front of my mom and cousin.
- Coming out of the hospital elevator and having someone say " Hi Doctor". Instead of correcting him, I just said hi back and walked away.
- Being the first of my friends at the bar then having to wait 30 minutes for all the other girls to show up. I ordered a drink and sat by myself at the bar...with weirdo guys around me...awkward...

- Finally finished sewing a cute blouse that I've been working on. It was a lot of work- just cutting out the pattern took me 3 hours!
- My tattoo has peeled and is almost healed. Yay.
- Discovering that Costco sells individual packs of edamame that you can just heat up in 3 minutes. Yum!
- Getting together for pizza with good friends Jenn and Allen- they just came back from a trip to Japan and it was fun hearing about their adventures.
- Going out for ice cream before dinner with Tad. We did it yesterday (in case you're wondering, I had jamoca almond fudge).

So that's my awkward and awesome Thursday!! Did anything awkward and awesome happen to you this week?


goldenmeans said...

Teal is the perfect unexpected but lovely accent to this dress! I'm envious of you for obtaining it already...I am waiting on a sale but getting rather impatient! :)

Congrats on finishing a blouse! I think that's amazing. One of my new year's resolutions last year was to learn how to sew but I sadly didn't even get close. How did you get started sewing?

Jenn said...

Hello doctor... LOL!! I love the dress by the way! The yellow and teal go great together.

Complex Cardigans

vintageglammz said...

Ohhh...I LOVE the cirque Aline dress on you Tammy. I really want it now! Did you stick with your regular size? Ive been reading that it runs small?

Emily said...

Gotta love weirdo guys at the bar--at least they're good for a laugh!


Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

I just started sewing 3 months ago! I looked up sewing lessons near me and found a sewing boutique called Sew LA that teaches classes everyday and has the best fabrics. Then my husband got me a sewing machine for my bday! You should totally try it! Like you, I've always wanted to learn but never did- you just gotta do it!

Thanks Jen! I usually wear a size 2 and in this dress and the 2 fit perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Well you technically do have a doctorate, that should count right?! I've been craving jamoca almond fudge all week long! Now that I've read this I wanna go have some for breakfast!


(I still can't leave comments properly)

DiamondsandTulle said...

Just found your lovely blog via Jen (Vintageglammz)! LOVE you elephant Anthro dress! I know what you mean about being the first and waiting for friends. I think that happens to me all the time... So glad to have found your blog!

xx Vivian @

odessa said...

your outfit is perfect! LOVE the color combination. such a beautiful photo (yay to Tad and his photography skills!), you look so happy. :)

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...
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Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

Thanks everyone! I can't wait to show you more photos on the other bright walls!