Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's in the stars for you?

Every June, I get excited because Anthropologie sends me a 15% coupon on my whole purchase and I usually use it to buy an outfit. That's right, I said an outfit. I actually roam the store and put together an outfit from almost head to toe. Sometimes, this will be a dress and a necklace, other times a skirt, top, and cardigan. I think of it as a birthday gift to me, from me :)

Right now, there isn't anything at Anthro that I'm really pinning for but I went in because they were having a pretty good sale (extra 25% off all sale items). I wasn't expecting for find anything much but to my surprise, I found a really cute skirt on sale and used that to put together an adorable outfit- shoes included! I got lucky because someone must have returned this pair of really really cute wedges in my size! 

Here's what I got:
- top- the Lush Lattice Shirt
- bottoms- the Dunes Skirt in burgundy
- shoes- the Shoelace Espadrilles
- earrings- the Swathed Hoops in sky blue

I can't wait to wear this outfit out later this week! And the best part- everything except the top was on sale, plus an extra 15% off! Do you like shopping for an entire outfit at one time? I do, but it's not easy on my wallet!


Jenn said...

I never changed the address to my AnthroCard so my 15% off always gets sent to my parent's house. This year, my brother gave me my 15% off coupon in June when my birthday is in May! So I didn't get a chance to use it. Bummer because it would have been nice to snag a couple items from the Tag Sale with it.

Love your outfit on Kim's blog BTW.

Complex Cardigans

Tammy from Marshmallow Dreams said...

ooooo you should go in and change your address! shopping is much more fun with a coupon =P Thanks for visiting my blog!

odessa said...

lovely outfit! i really love that blouse. may have to wait for it when it goes on sale. anthro is still too pricey for me to buy an entire outfit from, even with the bday discount, but i did buy my last two bday dresses from there. but hey, isn't this your 30th? you certainly deserve the splurge! :)

p.s. just got my diana mini and i'm loving it. though i feel silly walking around with a plastic camera and taking so many pics. haha.

Tammy (Marshmallow Dreams) said...

oh yes, the top was a bit much but I thought, what the heck, it's my 30th! hehe. I also feel a little silly with my Diana-mini but my response to people asking me "what's that" is "it's a toy camera"..gotta love the looks they give me haha. But it's worth the fun photos it takes!