Sunday, April 17, 2011

Closet Space

I share a closet with my husband...and by sharing I mean 3/4th of the space is mine, and 1/4th is his.  Lately, he's been complaining about how his clothes are smashed (probably true) so what does any normal girl do? Why, take up the second bedroom's closet of course!

By now, I had about 4 pieces of clothing on each hanger so you can imagine how easy it is to "lose" clothing and forget about things you have.  So I decided to give each piece of clothing it's own hanger and took a quick trip to Target to buy some more.  So guess how much I spent on hangers? A whopping $105!!! But these aren't just any hangers, they are super flat and are suppose to double your closet space- what girl wouldn't want to double her closet space?

I then decided to move all my dresses into the second closet and when I was done, I could not believe how many dresses I had. I mean TONS. I even found some I forgot I had. But I love almost each and every one of them and could only bring myself to get rid of a few.  

By the end of the day, I managed to fill up four large bags with clothing, shoes, and purses to donate.  I proudly showed my husband our new closet (well, closets) and he was pretty happy.  After realizing that I have way more clothes than I need (but what girl doesn't?), I had to tell myself that our spacier and roomier closet is not an excuse to shop more to fill it up....unless of course I come across a piece of clothing that I absolutely must have....

The best part of all this is how much easier it is for me to put together a cute outfit and I was inspired to style one of my favorite dress (Anthropologie's Take Charge Dress) in different ways by using accessories and shoes that I "re-discovered" from my closet.

I'm going to wear this dress to one of my best friend's wedding rehearsal next week- which outfit do you like best?
This look is very girly and pretty, with a vintage vibe

By adding the splash of yellow, this look is a little more fun and playful

This look is more rustic and downplayed, but still lovely and quirky

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you like to wear in different styles?  Or do you love one look too much to change it up?


chillynd said...

T - i say option 1 or option 2. the dress is adorable!!! love the blog! xo - chulie

Marshamallow Dreams said...

Thanks chilly! I was actually leaning a little towards the second outfit fun don't you think? :)

Joyleen said...

I like all 3!!! But of course you have to chose 1...I like 2, you always look pretty in yellow;-)