Monday, May 9, 2011

Birdcage Necklaces

I love necklaces. LOVE. I'm constantly on the lookout for unique, one of a kind pieces and it's the only accessory I change on a daily basis. But lately I've been wearing the same necklace- this awesome birdcage beauty! This necklace is vintage, girly, and whimsical- and I can't enough of it. I think my other necklaces are jealous of her...I guess they'll have to "hang on" patiently until I tire of this one.

Want on like it? Check out these similar necklaces below and click here to see where you can buy one.

Birdcage Necklaces

Or check out one of my favorite websites,

Do you have a piece of jewelry you love so much that your other jewelry gets neglected?


Jenn said...

the birdcages remind me of your wedding!

Marshmallow Dreams said...

haha Jenn! You're right, I guess I just love birdcages :)